Experience All-Day Nasal Breathing Clarity

Upgrade your health, sleep, and fitness with the first truly invisible nasal breathing aid

HALE is like a contact lens, but for your nose!
concealed invisibly
instant clarity
inserted and removed in seconds
No prescription required

HALE is in clinical testing at Johns Hopkins and not yet available for sale

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HALE is engineered to help you unleash your breathing health potential

Don't be a Mouth-breather!


HALE helps improve your nasal breathing. Studies have shown that improved nasal breathing helps boost many aspects of your overall health:

Reduction in Snoring and Sleep Apnea Problems

Better Dental Health

Increased Athletic Endurance

Reduced Dehydration

Less Stress

Increased Alertness

Lower Blood Pressure

Better Natural Air Filtration

Freaked out about putting something inside your nose? Don't be! HALE is a breeze to use

Insert and

remove in seconds

HALE was designed by using advanced 3D CT imaging of the nasal airway that allowed us to create a highly effective breathing aid designed to 

not get lost or stuck in your nasal passage.

Our Story

HALE was born out of a unique partnership between a biomedical engineer who suffers from nasal obstruction, and a facial plastic surgeon who sees patients with this issue every day.

Clay Andrews

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

"Before we created HALE, I was a total mouthbreather, and there’s no way I’m going back. I’m more awake, more focused. I just feel better. It’s wild that I haven’t always breathed like this. It seems like a small thing but nose breathing is hugely important. HALE has genuinely changed my life, and I can’t wait for it to change yours."

Patrick Byrne,



Chief Medical Officer

"Every week I see dozens of patients complaining of restricted nasal breathing. Nasal strips and cones are no good, and surgery often doesn’t work or makes things worse. Clearly we needed something better, and clearly we were the team to do it. Now that we’ve made HALE, it’s my go-to for nasal obstruction. My patients love it. My colleagues love it. HALE is the new state of the art in my field, end of story."

Improved Mood

HALE consists of a pair of nasal inserts: one for each nostril


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